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Contribute to the documentation

For the documentation and website we use VitePress. A static website generator powered by Vue. You can find the source files in the dicebear/website repository. You will also find a link to the source file of the respective page in the documentation below each page.


  • A GitHub account
  • Git installed (Learn how to install Git here)
  • Node.js and NPM installed (Learn how to install Node.js

Set up website locally

  1. Create a fork from the dicebear/website repository.

  2. Clone the project:

    git clone<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>/website.git

    If you've set up SSH, you can do this instead:

    git clone<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>/website.git
  3. Install dependencies:

    cd website
    npm install
  4. Create a build:

    npm build

Verifying your changes

You can start the website locally on your computer with the following command to check your changes:

npm dev

Open http://localhost:5173/ in your browser to see your changes.

Branching and committing

Once you are happy with the changes, create a branch so you can commit the changes.

git checkout -b <YOUR_BRANCH>

Afterwards you have to add your changes to the stage and commit them.

git add .
git commit -m "Change: <YOUR_CHANGES>"
git push origin <YOUR_BRANCH>

Creating a Pull Request

Follow these instructions to create a Pull Request.