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What is DiceBear?

With DiceBear you can create awesome avatars for your project in no time. Whether you are looking for abstract shapes or lovingly designed characters, you will find something suitable among our avatar styles. And no matter how and for what you want to use the avatars, DiceBear offers the right solution!

In addition to purely random avatars, you can also create deterministic avatars for user identities. With the built-in PRNG you create the same avatar over and over again based on a seed. But also individual avatars are possible! Just use the countless options that each avatar style provides.

And thanks to the JavaScript library, HTTP API, CLI, Figma plugin, Editor and Playground, your next avatar is always just a stone's throw away!

How to use?

You are a designer and need avatars for your design? Then check out our Figma Plugin and Editor. As a developer, you could take a look at the HTTP API, the CLI, the JS library or the Playground. Which is more appropriate for you, depends on the programming language and environment you are using.

In a JavaScript environment, you could use the JS library or the HTTP API if the JS library is too large for you. In other environments you might be interested in the HTTP API or the CLI if you are concerned about the stability or latency of the HTTP API.

The CLI is always a good choice for automations or if you want to create a large number of avatars in different image formats.

How does it work?

The avatars are created in SVG format. This allows to generate avatars dynamically without much computing power. In most cases, various SVG elements such as hair, eyes, ears etc. are selected from a set and combined to create a character / avatar.

XorShift32 is used as the algorithm for the PRNG. It is important to note that the PNGR does not attempt to be cryptographically secure.